Announcing the Expert Interview Series ?Fire Up Your Biz ? Enrich Your Life,? 20 Free Workshops Delivering Actionable Strategies and Tips to Help Business Owners Kick-Off

By · Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Announcing the Expert Interview Series ‘Fire Up Your Biz – Enrich Your Life,’ 20 Free Workshops Delivering Actionable Strategies and Tips to Help Business Owners Kick-Off

Learn directly from the world’s leading authorities on the topics of Making Money, Productivity, Success Mindset and More!

Bloomington, Illinois (PRWEB) January 12, 2012

Calahan Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce the Expert Interview Series “Fire Up Your Biz – Enrich Your Life,” 20 free audio programs delivered via teleseminar and webcast beginning January 18, 2012; and offering actionable strategies and tips to business owners. Participants will get access to the best experts on productivity, mindset and business growth in a program designed specifically to meet the unique needs of entrepreneurs who want to excel in business and in life.

Calahan stated, “This program was created because I found that there were a number of professionals that had great skills in their delivery area, but were struggling in one way or another in building or growing their business. We became business owners because we wanted to own our own destiny and to make a difference. In today’s economy, many are not realizing that dream.”

This international group of 20+ business consultants and coaches will each provide an hour-long program of actionable advice, brainstorms and business shortcuts to help business owners and self-employed/solopeneurs kick-off 2012 with a plan of action. Interested business owners can register for these free audio programs by going to

Calahan points out that productivity is directly tied to profit. She clarifies that while many people think organization and productivity starts on your desk — in reality it starts in your head. Calahan said, “How you think about your business determines your ‘money mindset,’ how well you delegate, if you run effective meetings, your marketing strategy and how you balance work and home — all these organizational elements impact your business productivity, and your profit.”

Calahan explained that the impact of business inefficiency on home life is not always recognized, ergo the title “Fire Up Your Biz—Enrich your Life.” Calahan said, “The truth is, every performance gap, every little inefficiency, every lack of organization or productivity, not only reduces the effectiveness of your business, it also steals time from your personal life. This is true for all business owners.”

For this interview series, Calahan Solutions selected 20 of the most dynamic business consultants and coaches, and asked them to share their success story as well as their top strategies with listeners. Experts and their topics include:

Allyson Lewis, “TiME™ Strategies for the Busy Entrepreneur”

Andrea Feinberg, “The 3 Surprising Keys that Open the Door to Small Business Abundance”

Brandie Kajino, ”Tech Tools for Busy Business Owners”

Carrie Greene, “From Procrastination to DONE!”

Debbie Rosemont, “We’ve Got To Stop Meeting Like This: How to Run Meetings that Actually Get Things Done”

Des Gray, “Mindset Matters: Secrets to a Powerful Mindset”

Elaine Quinn, “Soloprener Motivation Secrets: Create the Work Environment and Results You Want”

Ellen Delap, “A Busy Family’s Guide to Getting Organized So You Can Live Your Best Life and Still Enjoy Your Family”

Georgina Sweeney, “How to Overcome your Mental Money Barriers, and Break Free to Success”

Heather Townsend, “Networking for Success”

Janet Slack, “5 Keys to Social Media Success: Do it Right, Stop Wasting Time and Get Results!”

Lisa Montanaro, “Passion Management: How to Juggle/Prioritize all of the Passions We Have”

Marcia Hoeck, “How and Why to Get the Right Support for Your Business, Inside and Out”

Michelle Panzlaff, “Get Time and Tasks Managed Quickly”

Miriam Ortiz y Pino, “Five Secrets to Streamline Your Work”

Nichole Fende, “Unlock the Secret to Achieving Your Profit Goals”

Regina Lark, “Depressing Desks and Psychic Debris: Cleaning up the work space by de-cluttering the head trash”

Dr. Shannon Reece, “Conquering Your Fear with a Knockout Punch”

Stephanie Shalofsky, “Conquer Email Overload”

Sue West, “When Life Interferes: Making it through Life’s Transitions as a Business Owner”

Read more about the program and specific session details at:

This is a free series. Calahan said, “When you listen to the audio series, there is no charge. Of course, these experts do not generally work for free; in fact if you were to pay the combined hourly rate for all experts, the value of Interview Series would be over $ 10,000!” She explained that many business owners never consider the value a coach or consultant can add to the productivity and profitability — so the benefit to the experts is the exposure that they will receive. The benefit for the business owners is the tips and strategies that they will receive as well as the exposure to 20+ experts as a resource, should they ever need them.

About Calahan Solutions, Inc.: ( is a premier productivity and organization consulting firm, serving national and local clients in corporate settings, small businesses and home-based operations. Calahan Solutions, Inc. creates life-long transformations enabling you to focus on the things that really matter in life and business. You don’t have to do it our way, because we help you find your way!™ For more information about Calahan Solutions, Inc. and “Fire Up Your Biz – Enrich Your Life”, visit or call 309-825-7833.



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